New EP recently released by Orchid Classics:

Persian Love Songs

Anton Rubinstein

Listen to a Persian Love Song. Anton Rubinstein Op.34 No.4, on Spotify here: 

Debut CD on Orchid Classics SPHINX



“Blessed with a rich, burgundy tone, he’s especially powerful in the middle to lower register but possesses easy access to passing top notes. He also has admirable control over a gentle vibrato with which he is able to warm a lyrical line.’’ Clive Paget, Limelight Magazine

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“There’s more scene-and-mood painting in ‘Stalactites’, [Taneyev], in which bitter tears drip from the frozen icicles, a melancholy, hypnotic fall of chilling suffering. Though sombre, McLaren’s vocal line incorporates telling nuance – of dynamics, colour and pulse – and warmth to balance the general funereal ambience. This is beautiful singing, somehow both tragic and uplifting…” Claire Seymour, Opera Today

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“A huge range of musical discoveries is offered by this recital…McLaren’s rich and sombre voice is perfectly suited to this heart-on-sleeve pathos…the discovery of these songs is commendably adventurous…This feast of Slavic gloom…” Natasha Loges, BBC Music Magazine

In May 2021, Hamish’s debut CD was released on the Orchid Classics label.
It was Editor’s Choice in the July 2021 edition of Limelight Magazine in Australia. 

Moonlit Night on the Neva River 1898 Lev Lagorio